Readers ask: How To Pull A String Belt Back Through The Holes In Pajamas?

What’s the best way to pull a drawstring through?

Use a Paper Clip: Put a small hook on the end of a paper clip using needle nose pliers. Slide it into the hoodie drawstring channel while “bunching up the material”. Slide the paper clip until it is about an inch past the end of the drawstring. Rotate the paper clip a few times to try and “grab” the drawstring.

How do you put a string back in a hoodie with your hands?

The method is simple, start by completely removing the string from your hoodie (trust us on this). Then, thread one end of your drawstring through the straw and staple it to the end. Next, push the straw through back the hole in your hood and keep threading through until it comes out the other end.

How do you get a string back in a hoodie without a straw?

If you can’t find a safety pin, straw, or hanger, look for a pen that has a pocket clip and wrap the drawstring around the clip. Then, slide the opposite end of the pen through the casing. Feel the pen through the fabric and pull it through the casing until the pen and drawstring come out of the other end.

How long should drawstrings be?

How long should you cut your drawstring? It depends, but I think that 36″ is a good all-purpose length. If you’re using bias tape, simply cut a piece of tape to the length you want. If you do use bias tape, open up the folds and press the tape flat.

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How do you replace a drawstring in shorts?

How to Replace a Drawstring

  1. a safety pin. If you don’t have a safety pin, you can use a paperclip instead.
  2. the drawstring.
  3. (optional) a seam ripper.
  4. Pull the drawstring completely out of the casing.
  5. Attach a safety pin to one end of the string.
  6. Feed the string through the casing.
  7. Pull the drawstring out and retie it.

How do you attach Drawsters to joggers?

press under the two long edges 1/4″. Fold the piece in half lengthwise and press. Topstitch around the 3 open edges. Run the drawstring through the openings in the casing and then tie a knot in each end of the drawstring so it doesn’t get pulled back through an opening.

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