Quick Answer: What Happened To Pavel In Chapter 13 Of The Boy In Striped Pajamas?

Does Pavel die in Chapter 13?

In short, Pavel dies from Lieutenant Kotler’s beatings after Pavel spills wine on Kotler during a dinner with the commander of the camp and the commander’s family.

Is Pavel a prisoner?

Pavel. A prisoner at Out-With (Auschwitz). Pavel is an elderly Jewish man imprisoned in the camp. He used to be a doctor, but he’s now forced to serve Bruno’s family.

Why did Lieutenant beat up Pavel?

From Bruno’s na├»ve perspective, Lieutenant Kotler appeared to beat up Pavel because the old man dropped a bottle of wine in his lap. In Chapter 13, Lieutenant Kotler let it slip over dinner that he’d lost touch with his father after the man moved to Switzerland.

What did Bruno notice about Pavel at dinner?

What did Bruno notice about Pavel at dinner? At dinner, Bruno noticed that Pavel looked much smaller, the color from his cheeks had drained, his eyes were filled with tears, and he was shaking.

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What did Lt Kotler call Pavel?

Kotler tells Pavel to wash his hands before he handles the food, and calls him a mean name that startles both Gretel and Bruno.

What did Lieutenant Kotler do to Shmuel?

Lieutenant Kotler brings Shmuel to Bruno’s house to polish the glasses as his fingers are small enough to do the job. 5. How does Bruno inadvertently get Shmuel into trouble?

What nationality is Shmuel?

Shmuel is a nine-year-old Jewish boy who has been imprisoned in Out-With (Auschwitz) Camp along with his grandfather, father, and brother. Shmuel’s family used to live in another part of Poland, where daily life underwent a series of chilling changes.

Is Bruno happy to look like Shmuel?

Bruno is pleased to see that Shmuel seems happier lately, though he is still very skinny. Bruno remarks that this is the strangest friendship he has ever had, since the boys only talk, and cannot play with each other.

What was Pavel before he was a prisoner at Auschwitz?

Pavel is the old Jewish man who works in the family’s house in Auschwitz. He was a doctor before he was sent to the concentration camp, and he patches up Bruno’s knee when Bruno cuts it falling off a swing.

What happened to Bruno’s father at the end?

Bruno’s father is grief stricken at the end of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas when he reconstructs what must have happened to Bruno. He becomes depressed, and when he is disgraced and loses his position, he doesn’t care.

Why did Bruno’s parents argue?

Why did Bruno’s parents argue after the guests left that night after dinner? Because his mother did not want their children to grow up next to a concentration camp but the father wanted to go because he wanted to win the war.

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Does Lieutenant Kotler like Gretel?

She has crush on Lieutenant Kotler, who is about seven years older than her and laughs at everything he says even if wasn’t funny.

What food did Bruno give Shmuel at the fence?

At their usual meeting place, Bruno passed Shmuel the bread and cheese through the fence and apologized for being late. He explained about Pavel and asked if Shmuel knew him since he was a doctor.

What does Gretel ask Maria that really irritates Bruno?

What does Gretel ask Maria that really irritates Bruno? She asks Maria to ask Father about the people in the pajamas. She asks Maria to run her bath. She asks Maria if she ever wears any other clothes.

Why did Lt Kotler regret bringing his father up in the conversation at dinner?

Why did Lt. Kotler regret bringing his father up in the conversation at dinner? He thinks that he should have turned his father over to the proper authorities.

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