Quick Answer: The Boy In The Striped Pajamas Book Why Doesn’t Bruno Understand The Nature Of His Father’s Job?

Why doesn’t Bruno understand the nature of his father’s job in the boy in the striped pajamas?

Why doesn’t Bruno understand the nature of his father’s job? Nobody ever explains his father’s job; they just say it is important and that the “Fury” has big things in mind for him (5). 2. How does Bruno’s mother feel about leaving the house in Berlin?

Why didn’t Bruno understand Gretel’s explanation about the fence?

Bruno has a hard time understanding Gretels explanation of the fence because he is very ignorant. How does Bruno come to look more like Shmuel? Bruno comes to look more like Shmuel because he and Gretel get lice and he has to shave his head.

Does Bruno understand the situation here at Out With explain?

Does Bruno understand the situation here at Out-With? Explain. No. Bruno does not understand why they are at Outwith, Gretel and Bruno think they are in the Countryside where they grow the vegetables for BERLIN.

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How does Bruno reveal that he has no understanding of Shmuel’s situation quizlet?

How does Bruno reveal that he has no understanding of Shmuel’s situation? Bruno compares Shmuel’s move to ‘Out-With’ with his own. He also tells Shmuel that he does not believe so many people would live in one room in the Ghetto or that there were no doors on Shmuel’s train.

Who is responsible for Bruno’s death?

No one individual is completely responsible for Bruno’s death in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. However, his father, as commandant of Auschwitz, should take most of the blame.

What does Bruno’s father do for a living?

Bruno’s father, known simply as “Father” in the novel, is a commanding officer in the Nazi Party who takes charge of operations for the Out-With (Auschwitz) Camp in Poland. Father has spent all of his adult life in military service. He fought in the German Army during World War II.

What happened to Shmuel’s father?

Toward the end of the novel, Shmuel’s father disappears, and he petitions Bruno for help finding him. Tragically, Shmuel is not aware that his father has been executed in the gas chambers along with the other Jewish prisoners and desperately searches the camp with Bruno before they are also herded into a gas chamber.

What has happened to Lieutenant Kotler?

Kotler lost his position as a lieutenant due to his father being an unfaithful believer in the Nazis, although some may speculate that he had an affair with Elsa and was transferred because of that. His whereabouts by the end of the movie are unknown.

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Why is Bruno’s mother unhappy at outwith?

Bruno’s mother suddenly becomes increasingly unhappy after Lieutenant Kotler gets sent away. She was close to him, and without him she feels lonely and sad. She feels Out-With (Auschwitz) is no place to raise children and is frustrated with her powerlessness over her family’s situation.

Is Pavel Shmuel’s grandfather?

A Jewish boy. Shmuel is the boy in the striped pajamas named in the novel’s title. He belongs to a family of Polish Jews who were arrested by German troops and imprisoned at Out-With (Auschwitz) Camp. Over the course of their friendship, Shmuel grows thinner and weaker, and his grandfather and father both disappear.

Is Bruno happy to look like Shmuel?

Bruno is pleased to see that Shmuel seems happier lately, though he is still very skinny. Bruno remarks that this is the strangest friendship he has ever had, since the boys only talk, and cannot play with each other.

How does Bruno betray Shmuel?

When he accuses Shmuel of stealing food to eat, Shmuel tells him that Bruno gave it to him, and that Bruno is his friend. But when Lieutenant Kotler asks Bruno if he knows the boy, Bruno denies it.

What is Bruno’s favorite activity?

He even dresses himself as he thinks an explorer might do and decides to explore his surroundings, especially as the house doesn’t have anywhere interesting. It is Bruno’s hobby of exploring that will ultimately lead to his death with his new and only friend Shmuel.

How does Bruno feel about his sister?

Bruno and Gretel have limited interactions; as brother and sister, they are not very close. She is the more informed older sister and often comes off as a bossy know-it-all. As such, Bruno’s judgment in terms of her involvement in the Hitler Youth, and anything she does in general, is likely clouded.

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What was the one thing Bruno missed after moving to out with?

What was one thing Bruno missed after moving to Out With? sliding down the banister.

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