Question: The Boy In The Striped Pajamas When Shmuel Was In The Kitchen?

What is Shmuel doing when Bruno finds him in his kitchen?

Shmuel becomes listless while watching Bruno eat, and Bruno apologizes for not having offered him food. He offers to cut him some food, but Shmuel says he is afraid Kotler will catch him. Bruno says it’s no big deal, and cuts him pieces. Shmuel eats the food very quickly, and thanks Bruno.

Who was in Bruno’s Kitchen?

Bruno went to the kitchen seething with anger. There, much to his surprise, he found Shmuel, who had been ordered to polish glasses.

What food does Bruno offer Shmuel when Shmuel is over at the house cleaning glasses?

Shmuel says he has been brought to the house to clean glasses for the party because someone with small hands is needed. Bruno realizes Shmuel is hungry, so he offers him some chicken. Shmuel hesitates out of fear of being caught by Kotler, but eventually, he eats some chicken.

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What was Shmuel doing at Bruno’s house?

4. Why is Shmuel at Bruno’s house? Lieutenant Kotler brings Shmuel to Bruno’s house to polish the glasses as his fingers are small enough to do the job.

Does Kotler kill Pavel?

In short, Pavel dies from Lieutenant Kotler’s beatings after Pavel spills wine on Kotler during a dinner with the commander of the camp and the commander’s family.

What did Lt Kotler do to the barking dog?

What did Lt. Kotler do to the barking dog? He shot the dog. He put it in the basement.

Why is Shmuel afraid to eat the chicken?

Why was Shmuel afraid to eat the chicken that Bruno was offering to him? Shmuel was allergic to chicken. Shmuel was a vegetarian. Shmuel didn’t want Lieutenant Kotler to catch him and hurt him.

Why did Lieutenant Kotler leave?

Kotler lost his position as a lieutenant due to his father being an unfaithful believer in the Nazis, although some may speculate that he had an affair with Elsa and was transferred because of that. His whereabouts by the end of the movie are unknown.

What was Shmuel doing at the table?

What was Shmuel doing at the table? Shmuel’s hand looked like a skeleton and Bruno’s looked healthy.

Who is responsible for Bruno’s death?

No one individual is completely responsible for Bruno’s death in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. However, his father, as commandant of Auschwitz, should take most of the blame.

Is Pavel Shmuel’s grandfather?

A Jewish boy. Shmuel is the boy in the striped pajamas named in the novel’s title. He belongs to a family of Polish Jews who were arrested by German troops and imprisoned at Out-With (Auschwitz) Camp. Over the course of their friendship, Shmuel grows thinner and weaker, and his grandfather and father both disappear.

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How does Shmuel show he accepts Bruno’s apology?

When he offered this apology, Shmuel smiled and nodded. After that Shmuel did something that he had never done before. He lifted the bottom of the fence up and stuck his hand out under it. He and Bruno shook hands and smiled at each other.

What nationality is Shmuel?

Shmuel is a nine-year-old Jewish boy who has been imprisoned in Out-With (Auschwitz) Camp along with his grandfather, father, and brother. Shmuel’s family used to live in another part of Poland, where daily life underwent a series of chilling changes.

Why has Shmuel been brought to the house?

In the dining room, Bruno is surprised to see Shmuel who has been brought to the house to help prepare the table for a dinner party. He offers food to Shmuel who only accepts after Bruno insists. In his terror, Shmuel explains that Bruno gave him the food, but a fearful Bruno denies this.

What does Shmuel want to do when he grows up?

Where does Shmuel want to work when he grows up? He wants to work in a school. He wants to work in a hospital.

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