Often asked: How To Seek Pajamas In Love Nikki?

How do you get the cotton top tan in love Nikki?

Obtained by Cotton Top-Tan can be obtained from stage V1: 1-8 Lunar’s Trial (Maiden) or as a random drop from the Pavilion of Mystery.

How do you get joyful bunny slippers in love Nikki?

Joyful Bunny can be obtained through completing Stage V1: 2-7 Girls’ Pajama Party (Maiden).

How do you get the drops in love Nikki?

You can do an instant run by tapping on a story chapter and then pressing the “Done” button. This will just give you your drop item. You can press the done button as many times as needed until you get all the drop items.

How do you get the star sea in love Nikki?

Completion Reward Star Sea is a Classic suit –previously a Troupe suit– that can be obtained through crafting. It is a lifetime suit, a type of suit known to require a long time to complete due to the large amount of materials needed. Completion Prize: Ablaze Night.

What is a drop in Love Nikki?

How do you do an S-drop? An s-drop is a clothing piece that you might get but only if you have the rating “s” More questions for Love Nikki, the Miraland Quiz and other events can be found on our Love Nikki answers page here: https://www.appgamer.com/love-nikki-dress-up-queen/answers/

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How do you get diamonds fast on Love Nikki?

You can get daily free diamonds the following ways:

  1. the most productive way is to complete achievements or suits; you can farm lots of diamonds this way;
  2. voting in the competition and in the corridor gives you quite often 2 or 3 diamonds per 10 votes;
  3. completing the tasks listed in Quest — you get up to 53 diamonds;

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