How To Fold Pajamas?

How do you store pajama sets?

Pack away pajamas that are out of season, such as a flannel nightgown in summer, or pieces that you don’t wear often. Save space by storing the items in an empty suitcase, a wicker basket or plastic storage container on a top shelf or far corner of your closet.

Where do you keep pajamas?

Here are 10 pajama storage ideas, ranked from worst to best

  1. No storage required – sleep naked.
  2. In the hamper.
  3. Tossed on the floor.
  4. Laying on the bed.
  5. Laying on top of the dresser.
  6. Under a bed pillow.
  7. On a command hook.
  8. Inside a dresser drawer (with or without drawer organizer)

How do you store silk pajamas?

If you have a lot of items, organize pajamas by fabric or color. Pack pajamas outside of the season or clothes you do not wear often. Next, store them in empty luggage, wicker baskets, or plastic storage containers on the top shelf or far corner of the wardrobe to save space.

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